Healing Your Relationship With Your Past

Weekend Shamanic Retreat

May 20 - 22

Supported by the power of nature, transform your relationship with your past and find new levels of peace and acceptance with who you were, what unfolded, and why things happened as they did.

Connect with Your Fullest Self

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While we are conditioned to believe that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments are best dealt with separately, they are truly deeply intertwined. In my work, I address all aspects of your well-being with a unique combination of coaching and energy work.

Armed with the power and perspectives of shamanism and acupuncture, I treat all of who you are and work to bring the entirety of you into balance. My focus is not only on helping you feel better today, but helping you set up your life so you can maintain feeling good for the rest of your days.

"Dave's guidance and wisdom have helped me through many of life's challenges. If you are looking for a healer and are ready to get in touch with where the real pain is coming from, then I cannot recommend enough that you book an appointment to see Dave immediately!"


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