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Restore Peace Within

A down-to-earth approach to spiritual growth, deepening your awareness and acceptance of who you are and how you fit into the world.

I offer both individual healing sessions and group classes, all of which are rooted in tending ​to all aspects of who you are: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Individual Healing Sessions


Are you feeling out of harmony?

Do you desire a greater sense of inner peace that can help you navigate the ups and downs of your life?


With a unique blend of soulful life coaching and energy work (including acupuncture, shamanic healing, and Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine), I offer support to all aspects of who you are, helping you find greater peace, understanding, and empowerment on your journey.

Clients who most benefit from working with me are those who:

  • have found traditional talk therapy unhelpful

  • once found traditional talk therapy helpful, but feel they have gone as far as they can with that modality

  • are deeply aware that something is off in their mind-body-soul system but are unable to understand what is really going on; where medical tests come back saying there's nothing wrong

  • have a cognitive understanding of their personal story, but the energy of their past still lives within them and is disrupting their overall peace

  • feel stuck in their journey, knowing there's more for them to experience to feel satisfied, but unsure what that is or how to get there

  • wish to release the energy in their bodies from past traumas, outdated beliefs about themselves and the world.

  • desire to deepen their connection with the natural world, particularly the spiritual and magical dimensions of the natural world

  • have been conditioned as men in the world and are looking for a broader, deeper, more balanced and inclusive way of walking as a man in the world

Classes and Workshops

I also offer classes and workshops to deepen the awareness of who you are and how to best work with the powerful forces of life, including the Earth and her cycles, plants, animals, and landscapes, as well as deepening your relationship with those divine beings supporting you on your soul journey.

I offer workshops and classes on a variety of topics which all promote personal and spiritual growth, a deeper understanding of who you are and your place in the world.

Classes are either in-person or virtual, and all are designed to be informative and experiential. My agenda is to teach you practical skills and tools to use in your daily life after class to deepen your relationship to yourself and the world around you.



"I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for Dave. I have had 2 sessions with him, both of which changed the course of my life. He is a true healer. His kind, calm and easy going nature made me instantly comfortable and at ease speaking about difficult situations. I am forever grateful and will continue to have sessions. Thank you Dave!"

"I started working with Dave doing remote coaching sessions over a year ago. He has consistently provided me with valuable insights and breakthroughs with regards to my relationships, unworkable old patterns of being, spirituality, well being, and more. He brings love and compassion to each conversation but is not afraid to tell it to me straight. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to overcome addiction, depression, anxiety, or just looking to be more powerful and free in everyday life. Infinite gratitude and appreciate for what he continues to provide."

"Dave is an amazing healer and coach! I have had the pleasure of working with him in a coaching capacity as well as experiencing some wonderful teachings from him. He helped me to bring out what was already inside of me and his coaching and teachings continue to influence me on a daily basis. My confidence in myself and my abilities have reached all time heights and I could not be more grateful for Dave’s coaching in helping me reach those heights. Simply being in his presence has a calm, soothing effect on you which allows for the easy flow of sharing the depths of your soul. He compassionately holds space for you. His style of teaching makes for easy understanding of the core basics and allows room for further exploration; it’s not a “this is the way is has to be done!” format. I am so happy that I found Dave and his practice. I will forever be grateful for the healing and education I have received. He is someone I will definitely continue to seek out for further healings and teachings."

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