About Me

My life has been quite a winding road, including stints as a math major, computer programmer, martial arts instructor, world traveler, high school teacher, and an acupuncturist.


Regardless of my age, how my life looked, or the profession stated on my business card, I have been a healer and a teacher for my whole life. Put simply, it is who I am.


When I fully embraced this identity, I studied and practiced meditation, reiki, acupuncture, shamanism, angel readings, Integrated Energy Therapy, and more. Phew! That's a lot to list on a website or a business card!


Instead, it has become clear that all those different modalities are simply tools for me to use as I do my true work.

I am a Personal Freedom Advocate.


I help individuals discover and then grow beyond limitations in their lives. Sometimes these limitations are felt as anxiety or physical discomfort. Sometimes limitations are mental or rooted in trauma. Sometimes it's just a general sense of discontent in life or feeling that something is missing.


There are many ways that people find their way to my office. Whatever route they take, my work is to help them broaden their awareness of themselves and of life. Whatever acupuncture, energy work, or meditation that we do in session is used to aid in the process of deepening their awareness.


I am here to show people doors they had no idea were there, and then to advocate for them to open the doors that intrigue them. I support their discovery of what dimensions of themselves exist beyond those doors. I act as a guide on their own journey.


It is an honor to help others make their own connections, to help them realize there are layers of existence that lie beyond their perception, beyond their beliefs, and even beyond their wildest dreams.

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Dave Eyerman

Personal Freedom Advocate

Licensed Acupuncturist

Shamanic Practitioner
Certified Life Coach
Reiki Master/Teacher

Akashic Records Reader
Heart-Mind Integration Practitioner
Meditation Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner