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Boundaries for Empaths

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Being an Empath can be draining. We have a tendency to say "yes" to others at the expense of ourselves. We tend to be "overly sensitive" to the thoughts, moods, and energy of those around us.


With incomplete training, being an Empath is remarkably challenging!

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This class covers the two aspects of where being an Empath offers pitfalls for us.

Conscious Empathy

This is when we say yes to others too quickly. We are the go-to person for others in crisis, we often don't take time to care for ourselves, and we end up feeling easily drained and taken advantage of.

Unconscious Empathy

This is when we are classified as "too sensitive." We automatically feel the energy of others, and can mistake it for our own. Walking through the supermarket the day before a snowstorm, for instance, can leave us feeling crappy for hours afterwards.

Both these are unnecessary!

This full-day class is cover all the ins and outs of why both these things happen.

  • Gain insight into your own subconscious processes

  • Learn how to say "no" to others and how to break codependent relationships with narcissists

  • Acquire new tools to empower you to set clear boundaries with others in your life

  • Learn the difference between selfish and self-care

  • Become familiar with the Law of Resonance and how energy works

  • Discover simple yet powerful tools to help you manage your energetic sensitivity to others

  • Learn tools to help you reground after being adversely affected by other people's energy

Take back control of your energy! It is YOURS, after all!

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