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Classes and Workshops

Shamanic Season Series

Spring 2023
3 Wednesdays: March 29, April 5, April 12
6:30 - 8:00pm, Zoom

For each of the four seasons, I will run a 3-week series which outlines the deep teachings and wisdom of that season.

Grounded in the perspectives and wisdom of Shamanism and Chinese Medicine, you will learn how you can best dance along with the energy of each season. We will cover the different acupuncture channels associated with the season and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

You will discover how you can get the most out of these months, what the best self-care is as well as how to work with the greater spiritual and elemental forces present.

​Each class will contain both teachings, communal sharing, and a guided meditation or shamanic journey. Each class will be recorded and shared for those who are unable to make it live.

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Shamanic Acupuncture Happy Hour

Saturday, April 15, 2023, 4:00 PM

Experience the powerful combination of acupuncture and shamanic journeying in this new kind of Happy Hour. After explaining how acupuncture and shamanism beautifully complement each other, you will receive a gentle acupuncture treatment and be guided in a shamanic journey.

A Day of Shamanic Journeying

Sunday, April 16, 2023, 11:00 AM - 3:00PM

Get introduced to shamanic journeying and gain all the foundational knowledge needed to journey on your own. You will meet your Power Animal and learn to connect with them for guidance, insight, wisdom, and healing. From there, you will learn many other ways to employ shamanic journeying in your life.

  • Connect with the big, overarching, primary spirits who hold deep wisdom about the secrets of life

  • Connect with the spirits of the land where you live and work so you can live in greater partnership and harmony with them

  • Learn to journey for insight, wisdom, perspective on personal issues you are facing

Leave with the confidence to journey safely on your own, and with lots of ideas and ways you can use this tool to better navigate the journey of your life.

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Moving From Your Head To Heart

Shamanic Weekend Retreat
May 19-21, 2023
Warwick, MA

Join us for a powerful weekend retreat that will reawaken your sense of what it means to live a heart-led life, breaking the habituated approach of being governed by the fear-based mind.

With the support of this beautiful land and the power and wisdom of shamanism, you will re-discover the ways to live from your heart, supported by helping spirits, empowering you to live your most soulful and fulfilling life.


Walking the Shamanic Path
Level 1: You Are a Nature Spirit

12-week online training, beginning
May 16, 2023, 6:30 PM - 9:00PM each night

Deepen your connection with yourself and with Nature in this 12-week training in shamanism!

In this program, you will discover the shamanic side of yourself, understand your soul's journey, and learn to live with a greater appreciation and inclusion of the spiritual dimension of life. 


The entire program will help you ground in the perspective of interconnectedness. Learn how to access the native spirit with you and deepen your sense of belonging to the planet. You will leave this program with the tools and techniques to maintain a spiritual connection to the wonders of life.

Acupuncture Happy Hour

Next Date: June 21, 2023, 6:00pm
@Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, MA

Experience a different kind of Happy Hour! Connect with the energy of the season with the gentle-yet-powerful combination of acupuncture and meditation!

You will receive an acupuncture treatment and be guided in a meditation to align with, and harness, the powerful energy of the summer solstice!

In addition to this being relaxing and healing, it's a great way to honor connect with your most natural self.


"Dave's style of teaching makes for easy understanding of the core basics and allows room for further exploration; it’s not a “this is the way is has to be done!” format. I am so happy that I found Dave and his practice. I will forever be grateful for the healing and education I have received. He is someone I will definitely continue to seek out for further healings and teachings." - W.D.

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