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"Dave's guidance and wisdom have helped me through many of life's challenges. If you are looking for a healer and are ready to get in touch with where the real pain is coming from, then I cannot recommend enough that you book an appointment to see Dave immediately!"


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“I had the privilege of working with Dave a few months after I had my baby and was returning to work. Not only did he help my sciatic nerve pain through acupuncture, talking to him helped ease my psyche through the tough transition of becoming a mother while also trying to maintain the career I had been building for a few decades. After just a few sessions with Dave, I quit my regular therapist. His calm perspective and interpretation of my worries and fears helped open my mind to another way of thinking. I’ve been seeing talk therapists my whole life and I have never had someone to talk to that was as effective as Dave. The pain in my body diminished and I was able to approach my life much more open heartedly, confidently, and with less stress. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking help to gain perspective, realize their power, and unleash their potential. I simply can’t speak highly enough of him. Unfortunately, after about 6 months of seeing him regularly, my husband got a great job in Arizona and we had to move. I greatly miss his presence in my life and often ask myself during times of doubt “what would Dave say about this”.


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“I have enjoyed working with Dave for years now & have felt much personal growth & overall happiness in my life. As a mother of young children who runs her own business, time can be difficult to create, but I always make the time to checkin with myself & Dave on a monthly basis for my own self care. I always know when I need to get in for a “tune up” & am glad to see our appointment on my calendar. I can’t tell enough people who are seeking support about Dave.”


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"Dave is amazing, and helped me heal both mentally and physically while in treatment for Lyme disease. I love that he incorporates both counseling and acupuncture into his practice. This benefited me greatly and gave me the tools that I needed to escape from chronic pain. I would highly recommend him!"


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"What I love best about Dave Eyerman's form of acupuncture is his two-step process. He takes time for a meaningful conversation with you to better understand the underlying conditions of your physical/emotional challenges. Then he treats you with his special brand of gentle acupuncture. It is a wonderful experience."

- A.L.

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"I met Dave over the summer after I was looking for new ways to deal with my migraines and anxiety and other health issues i have going on. I have suffered for so long with my migraines and anxiety that I couldn't deal with them any longer. Dave talked/walked me step by step to get me as a person back on the right path. My migraines and anxiety go hand in hand fueled by one another. Over these 7 months and Dave's help I am learning to listen to my body mentally and physically. Not only re-learning how to handle my own emotions but other emotions around me while being an Empath. Dave and his acupuncture has helped me in more ways than I can put into words. I cant thank him enough!!! He is always on my side cheering me on even if I don't feel like i can keep up with this roller coaster that I am on."


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"When I first started acupuncture, I was skeptical. I had never really done it before and thought it was worth a shot to help me with my anxiety and depression. When I first experienced acupuncture, it was with someone other than Dave. While it was okay, I didn't see any real results until I started working with Dave. Dave is amazing at what he does. He truly cares about his patients and takes the time to really know them in order to help them the best that he can. In the two years I've spent with him, I not only have a better handle on my anxiety and depression, but I've also grown as a person. I have made huge steps in taking back control of my life because of him and his guidance. If you're skeptical about it, like I was, I encourage you to try acupuncture with Dave and you won't be disappointed."


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Wow! I couldn't be happier with the retreat I attended. If you are looking to deepen your connection with the earth and your true self this may very well be the place for you. Dave is a wonderful person and couldn't have put together a better retreat. The group size was only 9 guests plus Dave. Just perfect. I am nothing less than ecstatic about the entire experience


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