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Lenormand Card Readings

Lenormand Card Readings are a traditional style of card reading that provide grounded, practical insight and information to how to best manage a specific situation or issue. They can describe the overall energies guiding and influencing your process over a timespan.


Lenormand card readings are known for their straightforward and succinct interpretations. They cut through the ambiguous "fluff" that often accompanies Tarot or Oracle readings. This style of reading comes from a form of traditional European cartomancy, originally based on a set of playing cards, but adapted so that each card as a specific image and meaning.

Lenormand Card Readings provide insight into the energy between you and various aspects of your life (listed below). Understanding what this energy is empowers you to make more conscious decisions to guide your life.

Readings can be tailored to a specific issue or circumstance or they can be general. General readings, done as a Grand Tableau, provide insight into all of the selected topics for your life over a given timespan, typically the next month.

A sample 9-card reading is offered below.

Notes on Lenormand Readings:

1. Common topics to receive insight into from a Lenormand Card Reading are:

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Love

  • Work

  • Friendships

  • Anxiety

  • Significant Endings / Life Transitions

2. They are not strictly predictive, but rather readings discuss the energies supporting or otherwise influencing you over the next month. You still have free will in how you manage your life. I don't offer readings for timespans longer than one month because you and others have free will. As Yoda so aptly quipped, "Always in motion the future is."

3. Contrary to Akashic Readings, where it is helpful to be as specific as possible with your questions, Lenormand Card Readings do not require that level of specificity. Lenormand Card Readings outline the energies surrounding an issue or section of your life, and you get to take that information and decide how best to proceed.


9-Card Reading

The 9-Card Reading is a straightforward reading on a particular topic of your choice (listed above). Select one topic (specify that at the time of checkout) and I will respond with an email reading within 3 business days.


Grand Tableau Readings


Grand Tableau readings involve using the entire deck of 36 cards. This provides a thorough and detailed look at the energies surrounding you over the coming month. You can receive specific information about a certain topic, or your life as a whole.​


Sample 9-Card Reading

Question: What is there to know about this next month for Pete?

At the center of Pete's focus for the next month is a woman - either his primary heteronormative relationship, or about women and the Feminine in general.

There is an ending to a relationship with this woman, but leading to a movement forward in his life. There is hope for him that he can find a more spiritual approach to this woman or to women in general as a result of this movement. This energy will be reflected to him either in his house or in his body (the house of his soul). There is, or will be, some slyness with his approach to this woman / the Feminine, but handled appropriately, will lead to some wonderful abundance for him going forward.

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