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Men's Work

The arcane archetype for being a man still dominates our cultural conditioning.


And it has to change.

As society has changed and evolved over the generations, sadly, the definition of what it means to be a man has not.

Even in today's world, manhood is subtly and overtly defined by archaic and one-dimensional metrics. Manliness is defined by such shallow things as:

  • What car you drive

  • How much you can bench press

  • How much you can withstand before backing down, giving in, showing weakness

  • How big your bank account is

  • How little emotion you display

  • How much you know

In a world of balance, a world that at its root is equal parts yin and yang, the truest, richest form of manhood encapsulates both yin and yang. The fullest expression of manhood includes the yin of life. That means being able to be soft, empathize, self-reflect, be humble, admit mistakes, work cooperatively, and experience and express emotions besides happiness and anger.

Embodying these alternative qualities does not take away from being a man. In fact, it adds to it. Being soft, for example, does not mean you are never strong, it just means you have that additional capability to call on when appropriate.

I am committed to helping foster this broader, deeper, and more balanced definition of manhood. If you are interested in deepening your own manhood, contact me and I am more than happy to work with you to that end.


Stay tuned for more: writings, teachings, classes, groups, and more! If you would like to partner with me to help spread this message, please reach out.

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