Energy Healing Mentorship

Have you completed an energy healing course but are not sure where to go to further your development? Are you in need of some support and guidance as you practice your energy work? Are you thinking of making energy healing a business but feel like you need a supervisor or additional training?

The Energy Healing Mentorship is a support for you as you develop your energy healing work. The Mentorship is customizable to your individual needs and development. Things we can cover include:


  • Energetic Hygiene: healthy use of energy and appropriate boundaries with your clients, and how to be sure you're not bringing your clients' energy with you after you're done working with them.

  • Intuition Development: how to utilize what you're sensing during your sessions to take your work up a notch and helping you develop and understand your natural gifts.

  • Staying Grounded: how to maintain solid footing in being human while working with different energies, incorporating the lighter, more "woo-woo" energies while staying grounded in this world

  • Building Your Practice: helping you see how to spread your brand of healing as far and wide as possible!

  • and more!

We will work collaboratively to help you grow past any limitations so you can embody the depth of healer you truly are! Mentorship sessions will include a combination of:


  • coaching and healing work for yourself,

  • exercises to enhance your natural skills, and

  • witnessing your work and offering direct, immediate support

This is a fabulous way to take your healing work to the next level!

Start today!