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Moving From Your Head To Heart
Weekend Retreat

May 19 - 21, 2022
Warwick, MA

Surrounded and supported by the wisdom and energy of nature, this weekend retreat will help you return to living your life from your heart, rather than all from all the noise and static  of the mind.

Learn how to tame your unruly mind, moving it from a wildly out-of-control noise machine into the powerful tool it is when wielded appropriately. Discover the pathway to living and loving from your heart, bringing forward your most soulful and fulfilling life.

This retreat will be the launching pad for the next soulful iteration of your life.

Are you ready?


What To Expect:

  • Meet your Power Animal and learn to communicate with them

  • Become viscerally attuned to the different energies of your mind and your heart

  • Learn ways to manage the fears which constrict your heart and bring you into your head
  • Receive direct wisdom and healing from nature

  • Come into a deeper sense of trust in yourself, your helping spirit team, your life's journey, and life as a whole 

  • Participate in Fire ceremonies

  • Connect with a community of like-minded seekers

  • Embrace the rest of your life as your boldly soulful self

The Land

The retreat will take place on private honeybee and human being sanctuary on 18 acres of land abutting Massachusetts State Forest. Nestled in the beautiful woodlands of Warwick, MA, you will be immersed in the healing energy of this magical space.


Food and Accommodations

There are a variety of indoor glamping sleeping options, including sleeping in the onsite Tipi. You are also welcome to bring your own tent and camp out under the stars!

Onsite Accommodations

Several options for sleeping are available. Images for these are available on the registration page. Some accommodation options come with an additional cost.

1) Bring Your Own Tent - there is ample space for camping out. Room for 4  tents

2) The Tipi - communal space, fitting six people in sleeping bags.

3) The Library Loft - private, cozy space for one person (or two snugglers). By selecting the Library Loft, you will reserve that space entirely for you.

4) The Beehive Cabin - a private cabin that adjoins the on-site honeybee apiary, equipped with both a loft bed and a futon. When selecting this space, indicate whether you are open to sharing that with another participant or whether you would like that to yourself.

Indoor, private restrooms and hot showers are available.


Meals will be a communal effort. We will share Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast together. You will be asked to bring and prepare one meal for the group. There is a kitchenette and grill on-site. Once everyone is registered, I will assign you a meal to help prepare and serve for the group.

When you register, please indicate any food allergies or sensitivities.

Honeybee Apiary

On this site there is a working honeybee apiary. Stings have not happened in the past, especially when we approach them with respect, honor, and common sense. If you have concerns, please let me know.

Weekend Details​

Friday, May 19th, 6:30 pm to Sunday, May 21st, 12:00 pm

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