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Classes and Workshops
Boundaries for Empaths

Next Date: TBA

Do you find that you are constantly taking care of others? Are you very sensitive to the moods of those around you? There is no need for you to continue to feel drained and overwhelmed!


This class covers two main parts of managing empathy:
1) A conscious over-helping of others, often at the neglect of your own self care, and
2) Being unconsciously sensitive to the energy and emotions of people around you.


In this class, you will explore the deeper why's and how's of these two sides of being an empath, and learn how to manage your own sensitivity.
You will leave with some simple techniques for reining in your sensitivity, both in immediate situations as well as for long-term care.

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Foundations of Shamanism

Next Date TBA

The teachings of shamanism are more relevant than ever, as human history has brought us further and further from the most natural principles of walking peacefully and cooperatively on this planet. In this workshop, you will get introduced to the foundations of shamanism and learn how you can practically apply these to your day-to-day life.


You will also learn one of shamanism’s primary tools of empowerment and discovery - the shamanic journey. You will learn how to journey on your own and meet your Power Animal. Further, you will learn how to use shamanic journeying to directly connect and communicate with all nature spirits.

If you’re looking to distance yourself from the chaos and artificial world of modern life, and reconnect with your most native self, shamanism offers a powerful path forward.

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Walking the Shamanic Path
Level 1: You Are a Nature Spirit

12-week online training, beginning
May 16, 2023, 6:30 PM - 9:00PM each night

Deepen your connection with yourself and with Nature in this 12-week training in shamanism!

In this program, you will discover the shamanic side of yourself, understand your soul's journey, and learn to live with a greater appreciation and inclusion of the spiritual dimension of life. 


The entire program will help you ground in the perspective of interconnectedness. Learn how to access the native spirit with you and deepen your sense of belonging to the planet. You will leave this program with the tools and techniques to maintain a spiritual connection to the wonders of life.


Walking the Shamanic Path
Year-Long Training

Deepen your connection with yourself and with Nature in this year-long training in shamanism!

In this program, you will discover the shamanic side of yourself, understand your soul's journey, and learn to live with a greater appreciation and inclusion of the spiritual dimension of life. 


The entire year will be grounded in the perspective of interconnectedness. The first half will focus on shamanic techniques for connecting with yourself and the spirit world, and the second half will focus on shamanic healing techniques.

This will be a powerful, immersive, and potentially life-changing year.

Shamanism and Acupuncture Weekend

July 8th, 9th, and 10th
Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA

Friday, July 8th: Spiritual Acupuncture Happy Hour

Experience the powerful combination of acupuncture and meditation in this new kind of Happy Hour. After explaining how acupuncture can address big picture, spiritual ailments, you will have the option to receive a gentle acupuncture treatment while being guided in a shamanic meditation.

Saturday, July 9th: You Are A Nature Spirit

While modern culture reinforces the idea that you are separate from the natural world, your connection to the planet cannot truly be severed. This workshop will help you reclaim that connection to the earth and teach you how to maintain it for continued healing and growth.

Discover your true belonging on and with this planet, and how the entire world is your partner and teacher. This workshop will present shamanic perspectives and techniques so you can connect deeply with the spiritual dimension of nature, both in class and on your own afterwards.


Sunday, July 10th: Private Shamanic Acupuncture sessions

Experience the magical combination of shamanic healing and acupuncture and take big steps forward on your soul's journey!

To schedule your session, contact Circles of Wisdom directly at (978) 474-8010.

A Night of Shamanic Journeying

Upcoming Date:
Friday, April 29, 6:30pm
@Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA

Shamanic journeying is an ancient technique used by indigenous people all across the globe that opens the doors of communication and interaction with the spiritual essence of all beings. It is a tool to explore the side of reality that lies beyond your primary five senses. Through journeying, you can greatly broaden and deepen your understanding of yourself and for all aspects of life.


This workshop will provide all you need to explore journeying on your own. We will cover the basics of journeying and then provide you several chances to practice. Connect with your Power Animal, commune with the spirits of nature, and receive the insight and healing that you most need.


No experience with shamanism or shamanic journeying necessary, just bring an open mind!

Healing Your Relationship With Your Past

Weekend Shamanic Retreat

May 20-22, 2022, Warwick, MA

This weekend workshop will help you find a new sense of peace and equanimity with your past. With the supportive power of nature and shamanism, you will learn to see your past as empowering you on your soulful journey, rather than full of things to regret, deny, or fear happening again.

Embracing The Dark
Weekend Retreat

Experience a different kind of Happy Hour! Connect with the energy of the season with a gentle-yet-powerful combination of acupuncture and meditation!

You will receive an acupuncture treatment while being guided in a meditation guiding you to connect with the energy of the season.


It's a great way to honor yourself and connect with your most natural self.

In September we will meet on the autumn equinox, and our focus will be on finding balance in the face of change, and set a clear intention for heading into the darker season.

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