Soul School

Why are we here? Why do we have to deal with the crap that comes our way? What have we done to cause this?

A perspective that I have come to appreciate is, in short, that we are souls who have chosen to incarnate as humans to help us grow and learn.

This is a conscious choice that we make as souls.

Pre-Birth Planning

Before we're born, we decide on an overview of our life. We understand and agree that our life will cover specific themes. Sometimes specific events, but all supporting us as we cover these themes.

Themes may include: self-love, knowing how to establish healthy boundaries with others, how to value ourselves more deeply, how to do things for ourselves without relying on others, or conversely how to ask others for help and realize we don't have to do it all ourselves.

Based on the theme or themes we have decided upon for ourselves this lifetime, we have certain experiences to aid us in mastering these lessons. Want to learn about setting healthy boundaries? You may have to learn how to manage helicopter parents or an abusive boyfriend. Want to learn about asking others for help? Maybe you'll end up with a crippling illness.

Of course, we forget all this pre-birth planning once we're born. We have to. If we know ahead of time the "problems" headed our way, they won't be as nearly as problematic, they won't cut nearly as deep and won't have the effect we need them to have for us to wake up and grow.

Seeking Context

A question often asked when facing a recent tragedy is, "Why did this happen?" This is a great question to ask, as it seeks to understand the context for our immediate circumstances.

However, our attempts to answer this question can tend to assign blame or look for causation - what happened before this is clearly the reason why it happened, the rationale goes.

It is certainly wise to look at potential factors that contributed to the event that happened so we can learn, for instance, build our buildings out of fire-resistant materials instead of wood to prevent a devastating city-wide fir