Living In The Grey

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Scrolling through an online feed, I came across this inspirational quote, “Be kind to others, even when others can’t be kind to you.”

It was complete with a clean font and a scenic background. On immediate reflection, that’s a nice piece of advice.

However, I have more than one client who is working on setting better boundaries because they are too nice to others at the expense of themselves.

They care for others in a way that is depleting and disrespectful of themselves. For them, they are working on setting boundaries and using the word they dread: “no.”

For them, that inspirational quote actually points in a direction which is not helpful and will actually deepen their inner imbalance.

Life At The Extremes

Quotes we see and pieces of advice we receive are pointers in a direction. On any meditation forum there is talk about the importance of slowing down, allowing life to run its course and accepting things the way they are.

Again, this is all good advice, but must be taken in context.

Taken to the extreme, if we were exclusively passive and accepting, nothing would ever change and we wouldn’t really get up off our couches.

Why pay taxes? Why change careers? Why fight for social change? We’re all just dust in the wind.