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A Shamanic and Akashic View

Most every session I hold these days with clients revolves around the one main news story of our time - the coronavirus. I have talked about it from a wide variety of angles addressing a wide variety of clients' concerns.

The big picture perspective I keep coming back to is a combination of Shamanism and the Akashic Records. These two form the basic pillars of my spirituality, personally and professionally, and they are wonderfully complementary. Here's an offering on COVID-19 from that combined perspective.


One of the basic tenets of shamanism is that everything is connected into one big whole. Every thing is a being, and every being is an integral part of this whole. We are all part of a giant ecosystem. As parts of this ecosystem, we all play a role and we all have purpose within this large ecosystem.

The COVID-19 virus is no different. It is a being and it has a purpose. Learning to see how it fits in to the ecosystem empowers us to work with it, instead of resisting and fighting it. This approach is central to the shamanic way of life.

Please note this does NOT mean I am suggesting that we just give into it, and don't try to find a vaccine, or wash our hands, or not use ventilators for those who need them. I am strictly speaking on the spiritual dimension of life.

Shamanism states that this virus has a purpose, both for each of us as individuals as well as for the entire Earth ecosystem.


The Akashic Records add to this perspective with the concept of Soul Contracts. In a nutshell, a Soul Contract is something that we have agreed to pre-birth to deal with in our lifetime. These contracts are here to help us learn, grow, and evolve as beings. They typically manifest as challenges in our lives - sometimes in the form of a romantic relationship, other times as financial hardship, as a problem with our health, or any other roadblock on our journey.

Ideally, by going through the challenges set before us in life, we learn more about ourselves and others. We learn the deeper lessons of balance and love, of self-care and faith, of humility and self-esteem, of worth and of joy. The perspective of the Akashic is that every challenge we face presents us an opportunity to grow and be better, fuller, and wiser people than we were beforehand.

The saying "Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger" applies here, but with the caveat that we must seize the opportunity to embrace what life is asking of us to learn.

For COVID-19, we each have a Soul Contract with this being. We are all being challenged by it. It is up to us to see this challenge as an opportunity for us to grow into our next version of ourselves, both individually and collectively.

Our individual lessons to learn from this virus can take a variety of forms. Some of the most common ones I have come across are:

- slowing down

- appreciating and valuing our physical health

- getting clear on what really matters to us in our lives

- understanding the connection between all humans

- re-evaluating what we're doing for work, how we are honoring ourselves and defining our life's purpose

- leaving an unhealthy relationship

- valuing the relationships we do have

- appreciating nature

- caring for friends and family in a more balanced way

The list goes on and on. How this being is here to work with you as an individual could be on one or more of these, or something else entirely.

One way to manage your spiritual health in the face of this being is to become aware of what your lesson to learn here is. In the same spirit of the items listed above, what is your biggest challenge is these days?

For me personally, it has been a short trip into my own fears of getting sick, of passing sickness along to others, and concern about my financial health, as well as concern for the wellbeing of others I care about, and what is going to unfold with our local, national, and global economy.

This has been a call for me to slow down my own mental process and realize that I am not here to solve the world's problems. It has been a reminder for me to lean more into Spirit, trusting that it has my back and supports me through all times.

To that end, I have restarted a daily meditation practice, and I am working to be much more conscious about where the boundaries are for my care, for myself and for others. I am also paying more attention to nature when I'm outside, whether going for a run or walking my dog.

Without having gotten sick, COVID-19 has been a powerful teacher for me. And I am sure the lessons are going to continue as the effects of the pandemic ripple out over time and space.

Discovering, and then embracing, what wisdom this being has to share, the lesson that is in it for you, can go a long way to ease your relationship to this virus and the times we are currently living in. It may be that this helps you not contract the virus, or if you do, keep your symptoms relatively minor. At the very least, embracing this wisdom helps soothe your inner angst.

This is not to say that people who are getting sick and/or dying from contracting COVID-19 are doing so because they are not learning their lessons or facing their issues. There are many more factors in play as to why anyone gets sick. I am merely speaking to one dimension of living with this virus as part of our global ecosystem.

Some ways you can discover your own Soul Contracts with the COVID-19 being:

  • Meditate. Get still and then ask your inner wisdom, being open to what it has to offer.

  • For those who have experience with it, perform a shamanic journey and ask your Power Animals / Upper World Teachers

  • Likewise, ask your Akashic Records what this time in life means for you

  • Also, consider what your greatest challenge is right now. What are you finding most unsettling at this time? Why is that so unsettling? What can you do to find peace with that?

Armed with this new wisdom, you are then empowered to create the next steps of your life in the manner that is healthier and fuller than it was before. Then we're not heading back to normal, we're creating a brand new one.

Wishing you all health, joy, and wisdom through these trying times.

If you need some extra support these days, I am still seeing clients in person in both offices, as well as remotely via Zoom. Reach out if you need!

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