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Day 2: Be Strong

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Today is the first day back home after a 10-day vacation. I started off working (rapidly) to cross off items from my todo list. It was almost as if I didn’t have a vacation.

About an hour into my process, I stopped and stood in front of my altar. Singing my soul song aloud felt great (especially since no one else was home to hear my off-key singing), and I felt more energized and alive afterwards.

I then consciously connected with my Power Animals, one of whom came forward with a message for me for today: “Be strong.”

My guides tend to say a lot with few words, and this was no different. When my mind started to question what that meant, and was asking about some of its more baser wants, my Power Animal reminded me of the energy of strength he had just referred to. Be strong within myself.

Just that note shifted something internally for me. "Right, right, that's who I really am. That's the adult, spiritual me." It can be easy to step away from that when I'm not actively working as a practitioner or teacher. As the day went on, I kept coming back to that inner feeling. Each time, it was a reminder of the energy I am here to embody.

While I wish to never stray from that feeling, having it as an anchor provides me the opportunities to notice when I am not in that space and shift back. It's a process of repeatedly noticing I'm off, and shifting back.

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