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Day 13: From Open to Intentional

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I was invited to a crystal store today. I didn’t have a specific reason for going, other than crystal stores are often fun to walk around in. I went in with the intention just to see if anything called my attention. I wasn’t in the market for anything, and just wanted to see if anyone popped out.

I walked around, noting the various energies of things. The stones were, for the most part, clear and radiating their specific energies. But nothing really screamed “Dave! Me! Let’s work together!”

After a full walk around the store, I decided on taking a second tour, with a different mindset. I held the intention to find the stones that could help me now work through some of the inner personal stuff I’m focused on. From there, several stones started making their presence known to me.

Once I posed the question, I moved from a place of flat, “whatever,” waiting to be hit over the head, and into a more focused space of “I have something specific in mind.” That sent a clearer signal out, which allowed the proper stones to make themselves known to me.

Naturally, this experience is a smaller scale version of the larger theme I’m working on, moving from flatness and reactivity to putting my energy, wants, needs, and intentions out into the world. Doing nothing and waiting for the spiritual is like sitting at a restaurant, not ordering, and expecting the most delicious meal to come out of the kitchen and be set down in front of you.

Be clear, and clarity will be reflected back.

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