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Day 14: Shamanic Woodworking

Today my nature spirit process showed up with my woodworking. Woodworking has been a hobby of mine for years, where I have crafted small boxes and incense holders as well as a large pieces of furniture including TV stands, a dresser, and two bars. I also have gotten into pyrography - using a heated pen to burn images into wood.

I spent a couple hours in my home woodshop today, focusing on a few different projects. As my shamanic work has progressed over the years, my woodwork has taken on a spiritual bent. One way this taken shape is that I have mostly moved away from creating projects where each piece is planed and cut so that it has perfect right angles on all sides.

I prefer working with pieces that honor the spirit of the wood, of the tree where it came from. This has turned in meaning asking the wood how it wants to be shaped, honed, and used. I have several pieces of wood lying around ready to be used, and several projects I have in my head. Today was, among other things, spent working to match those pieces of wood with those projects.

“How do you want to be used?”

“What do you want to be?”

“Which way do you want to be oriented?”

Some pieces were right there with their answers. Others were more muted. I am excited to get back in the shop tomorrow to continue the work.

I also have an eye out on the Full Moon coming up in two days. I have asked for guidance from my divine support team for the best way for me to work with this powerful energy. I do have some go-to processes with the Full Moon, but none of them are resonating with me as the way to go this month. I will check in again on that tomorrow.

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