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Day 17: Society or Nature

How does a nature spirit fit in to society?

That’s been the nature (no pun intended) of my reflections today. I have noticed some increased resistance to continuing this process of stepping in to my more native self.

The more I have given myself this regular reminder that I am so much more than what society wishes for me to be, the more at peace I’ve been, and the less I’ve been emotionally invested in the human melodrama that is unfolding around us. It’s been nice not following the intensity of the daily soap opera of our society.

I don’t care about Britney Spears and her family in-fighting. I do care about what we as a culture do (and have done) to women, and the feminine energies of the world. I don’t care about Novak Djokovich and the arguments for and against him competing professionally. I don’t care about the talking heads on the television. As Wolf so pointedly showed me yesterday, this is all just theater.

Not caring about it is often seen as a selfish (or privileged) position to take. Not wanting to engage in the “I’m right, you’re wrong, end of story” fighting that consumes us (on issues as trivial as is this dress gold and white or blue and whatever, or as impactful as voting rights and the subjugation of a cohort of our community) is often a lonely place to be.

I feel so much more at peace, and connected to myself, and what is “real,” when I am spending time in nature, or appreciating the majesty of the Sun, or listening to the heart of the plants I am watering. And also, it feels isolating and lonely.

I’ve found myself faced with a dilemma of late, which is growing in volume today. How can I live this authentic, natural life that exists outside the confines of our society, while still being part of our society?

I wonder if this is just my privilege to take this vantage point. I don’t have the safety concerns that millions do when walking to their car at night or when being pulled over by the police.

Also, I am conscious of the energy I am putting out into the world. What influence can I have? I do not have control over what happens behind closed doors in Washington, DC. I am not a police officer, nor am I in a position to undo or make up for centuries of damage done to countless beings.

I am, however in control over what energy I put out in the world. I wish to promote this energy of living in harmony with the planet. Even if it’s a fool’s errand. Even if it yields no tangible change in our culture. Even if mankind’s fate is already sealed. That is what I have control over.

It can be a lonely path, unsure if anyone will join me in it, unsure if there is community in it. The alternative is to join ranks with the mindless masses, following along the unhealthy path our culture promotes. While that would provide the comfort of community, ultimately would feel hurtful to my soul, to the deeper truths that the planet holds to be self-evident.

Where I’ve landed (as much as I occasionally try to run away from it) is that living this path, even if it brings up a sense of loneliness, isolation, and missing out, is a broader, deeper calling. Living as an inhabitant of the planet trumps living as an inhabitant of Western culture. The planet came here first, and she will be here long after we’re all gone. We’re merely guests. What legacy do you wish to leave?

“How’s your mother?”

“She’s on her way out.”

“We all are, act accordingly.”

-The Departed

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