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Day 19: Out of Nothing Came Something Special

Today was another day dominated by my human. A lot of in-the-ordinary-reality taking care of my pets, clients, office, house, and self.

Next thing I knew, it was 7PM and I didn’t have something for this process today. Sure, I watered the plants in my office again today, and embodied the teachings from two weeks go. That was great. Sure, I noted the landscape when driving and appreciated the energy of winter when walking Aahana. I thought about the cycle of life caring for my aging, just-about-ready-to-transition cat. But nothing really hit as “ah, this is it.”

One internal voice said, “That’s cool, be where you are today, be in your human. You can acknowledge that as your process today.”

Another one responded, “It’s important to identify as a nature spirit everyday. Don’t cop out and take the easy road.”

I sat and meditated tonight. I rarely meditate in the evenings. It’s usually a morning-or-bust activity. My intention was to merge with one of my Power Animals and see what they had to offer me, if anything, for my process today.

Instead, I was met with a shamanic guide of mine. This man is an elder, a teacher from another lifetime when I was his shamanic apprentice in a tribal community. I first encountered this man about 12 years ago in a journey, where he curtly said, “We have a lot of work to do.” His words rang deep, and I could feel the intense weight of them.

Since then, it’s been extremely rare for me to see him in a journey or feel his presence when I have tuned in. I’ve known he’s still been there, but actually connecting with him has been at the barest of minimums.

He showed up when I did my journey on the New Moon, which was an unexpected surprise. As was it tonight, when he was clear in front of me as I tuned in.

Given our history, he was quite loquacious this evening. “You are doing good. You are remembering the way.”


This was unexpected, to say the least. I thanked him for the out of the blue sentiment and asked him for what to share this evening. The answer came through less from him, but rather a knowing that this whole process is the share for today.

In the end, he put his forehead to mine, and said, “You know the path. Keep going.”

Again, the “know” he refers to comes with great depth. It is not a mental knowing. It’s soulful. And with those few sentences came a validation from what is and a reassurance for what will be.


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