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Day 20: A Day "Off"

So it finally happened.

3 weeks into this challenge, and I've had a day with virtually no connection to nature. Most of my day was spent driving or in one of two windowless rooms. With the mercury hovering between 6 and 19 degrees above zero, outside was not a welcoming experience for what time I did have to spend there. (Yes, I am aware of the adage "There is no such thing as bad weather, but rather bad wardrobe choices." My wardrobe today was not frigid-friendly.)

To have a day “off” from this process, an urge I’ve been fending off the last couple days, has turned out to feel pretty lousy. Powering through the impulse the last couple days to phone it in, one might suspect today’s lack of being in-touch would bring relief. It did not.

I liken it to having weeks of meals made up of fresh, organic food cooked for you in delicious, soul-nourishing ways.... followed by not having much of a choice but to eat at Denny’s.

I awoke feeling good, refreshed from a good night's sleep, feeling the love of a dog snoring next to me, inspired by the sunshine, and excited about the day and weekend. As I type this now, the sun has set, I’m about to exit the windowless office to return to the frigid outdoors. Given the state of the pandemic, and the ethos of “IDGAF about masks” where I am stationed today (further amplified by three of my local clients canceling because they currently have COVID, and a fourth testing positive two weeks ago) my only option is to head to my hotel room for the night.

I can see the importance of having a day like this during this month. This whole process is not just about the teachings that come from nature being connected to her. It is also about feeling the dearth which exists in her absence. For too many people, this is a regular occurrence, cut off from the soulful majesty of life. One day off after three weeks on feels depressive. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the long-term effects of this lack of connection. Or perhaps, it’s not that hard to consider… maybe it is that exact lack of connection that is at the heart of so many of our cultural ills.

“I got a fever. And the only prescription. Is more… Nature.” -Christopher Walken on SNL (sorta)

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