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Day 21: No Clue

Spirit is always speaking to us. This month it’s been a wonderful practice for me to tune in daily and listen. What does life want me to be aware of today?

On my hour-and-a-half drive home today, the sun was setting. For a while, it was at the perfect angle piercing through the glass to frustrate the vision. I played the game of lowering the visor overhead, rotating back and forth between the driver’s side window and the windshield, occasionally able to revel in the sun’s perfect location behind the door frame.

As I grew closer to home, the sun reached its “let’s paint the sky” angle. Wonderful arrays of orange and pink and blue colored the vista. With that as the backdrop, several lone trees stood in silhouette. Their twisting and turning branches providing a maze of dark streaks to accent the colorful horizon. I got the sense that Spirit was offering a message to me.

I found a space to pull over and sit with the experience. Initially, I searched for what the meaning was.

“Maybe it’s about how there’s beauty in darkness.”

“Or maybe it’s about accepting the dark with the light.”

“Maybe it’s about beautiful endings.”

Nope… nope… nope…

Not that those aren’t teachings Spirit would offer, but none of those landed for what its message was today. So I sat, took a couple of breaths, and asked.

Nothing showed up. No movement from outside of me. No “aha”s arising from within.

A fleeting moment of frustration and worry gave way to… oh, maybe that’s the message today. Not knowing the message. Being okay with not knowing what we’re trying to tell you. Just take it in, and trusting that when whatever is being shared is needed later, it will be there.

Or not, and it’s just one of those (probably countless) times Spirit has tried to share something with me that I haven’t received.

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