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Day 25: Gonna Miss Things

There is so much that is constantly happening that we miss.

I watched/listened to NPR’s Tiny Desk concert of my love Alicia Keys today. In the prelude to her performance of “Underdog,” she talks about how we routinely put our heads down in life and don’t notice other people.

Later in the day on a walk with Aahana, a brown, dried birch tree leaf flitted in the wind on top of the snow near where Aahana was letting go of some of this morning’s water intake. I wondered about this leaf’s story. Why was it now on top of the snow? Why had it not fallen in autumn?

What life had happened on it? With it? What bugs had chomped away at its edges? Which tree was it from? What life was still feasting on it now, and where was it headed?

All of these questions are impossible to answer, of course, and there are countless leaves and formations of snow and dug up acorns and insects and seashells and and and that can be asked the same questions.

As I gazed upwards, I saw abandoned nests perched among the trees overhead. Their construction and use are hidden from our view. I considered googling videos of how birds create their nests.

Being more present in nature has reminded me that there are layers to life which routinely go unseen and unappreciated by us all. Of course, with my spiritual awareness of the magical beings that exist all around us, the things that are that we don’t see absolutely dwarfs the things we do see.

My last client of the day today and I talked about stress, and how much he works to manage all the goings on in life. A line from the most recent Matrix movie came up: “It's so easy to forget how much noise the Matrix pumps into your head until you unplug.”

If we are trying to manage everything, not miss anything, that is a fool’s errand. There is so, so, so much that we miss all the time, even when we’re looking.

While I often lament the things I miss, or have missed (for instance, I didn’t meet Bodhi until he was 3, so I missed his super cute kitten years), this is inevitable. It’s impossible to catch every detail of every being’s life. It was fun to see this message mirrored in several different ways today. Who knew that Youtube and a dried leaf on my block would have so much in common? Or perhaps those were just the mediums that Spirit used to deliver its wisdom. Maybe it’s just enough to wonder about these things, and honor that they all dance together in a magical symphony that none of us can fully appreciate.

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