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Day 27: Being Spiritual Means Taking Care of Your Human Too

I awoke today feeling particularly down about the emptier, quieter, cat-less house. I tuned in this morning and asked for some guidance / support for the day, especially dealing with the tougher emotions.

My shamanic guide stepped forward and reminded me it’s important to be human, and not overly focused on the spiritual. While yes, Bodhi is okay, and he is not here in the physical, it’s okay to miss him, and honor my grief. The lack of his presence in this three-dimensional space is still noteworthy and is a loss. It’s okay to honor the loss, and the missing. I was reminded not to lean too far into the spiritual side of things in an attempt to wish away the unpleasant feelings.

Taking care of my human today also included a workout and some cleaning up and out of my bedroom and closet. While in the past I may have seen these items as tasks to cross off, putting caring for my human today front and center reframed those actions. This is not a foreign concept to me, but still one that offered a simple, and empowering, reframe.

Of course, being "lost" in humanhood is something I am looking to avoid, and this entire process is about waking up to the space beyond the mundane human identity. However, the fine point in there is the difference of being lost in the societal-defined limitations and caring for the human being.

I was reminded of the things I do have control over a day after being awash in the sense of all that I am powerless over. Tending to those things, especially when coming from a mentality of honoring, and supporting myself, turned the day from one of loss and mourning to one of newness and potential. And with the New Moon only a couple days away, the energy of marking the end of this cycle and the start of another is getting louder.

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