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Day 9: Going Within

As much as the shamanic path, or the path of being a nature spirit, is about connecting with other nature beings, it is very much about connecting within. Starting from there, we can connect to the beings outside from the fullest, richest, deepest place.

Nature doesn’t self-deceive. While some plants and animals camouflage and use trickery to capture prey or avoid predators, none of nature’s children obscure who they are to themselves.

Today was a day for me to connect within. I’m not new to meditating or journeying, but there’s another layer of personal depth for me to embody (which is a primary reason why I've embarked on this challenge). In reflection, so much of my life has been built on being reactive - looking to what’s going on around me and then acting accordingly. To change this, I've set the intention of being more proactive in life. Doing that, and doing that soulfully, begins with a complete and soulful connection within.

I took time this evening and sat with the energy of what it is I wish to embody. I so deeply honor native peoples across the globe for their communion with the earth and all its children. I am inspired by how they exist in implicit understanding and innate connection to the planet. A little over one week in to this challenge, today I more deeply anchored in this feeling within. I know the level of honor, wisdom, and authenticity that I wish to embody, and the inherent trust in and partnership with life.

I called that feeling up within myself. This isn’t about “calling it in,” it’s about calling that up. Conjuring it from within. If I can feel it, I can be it. All the time.

It’s not solely about thinking or acting as such; it’s about feeling, and embodying that feeling so strongly it is exuded outwards. Letting that be my guide going forward is as powerful and affirming a step I can take for myself.

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