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Native Spirit Challenge - Preparation

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

As part of a renewal and rebirth for myself, I’m taking on a challenge for this upcoming moon cycle. I feel a calling to step more deeply into the role of shamanic practitioner. I know there are ways I am not fully owning that title, which is more to say I am not fully owning who I truly am.

There are ways to walk the connected-to-nature path more deeply in my day to day. I have created a list of techniques and practices which foster connecting with the natural world, and am intending to incorporate them into this next moon cycle each and every day. Eventually this list will become the basis of my next book, due out later this year.

Of course, there is some fear and inner pushback that has come up upon setting this intention. There's a part of me that feels comfortable playing small. That part likes playing the role publicly of wise shamanic practitioner while being able to be a more ego-based, childish, and more basic behind the scenes. It is unhappy that the behind-the-scenes side of me is being exposed. It is unhappy I am stepping into this process, and even more unhappy that I am sharing the inside view with you.

But, to that I lovingly say, “Too bad, this is the way.” Being a shamanic practitioner - walking the path - means to walk it all the time. It means going within. It means facing and dealing with my inner shadow. Appropriate, then, to start on the first New Moon after the solstice, in the darkest part of the year.

I am calling myself to the plate, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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