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Day 6: Quit Looking, Start Being

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A long day of clients in a windowless room meant a lack of opportunities to connect in today for my monthlong nature spirit journey.

Early in the day I had the thought (which has become a regular in my mornings), “What’s it going to be today? Where’s my focus for today?”

As I entered my office I thought, “Oh, it’s about connecting to the energy of different spaces.” I methodically opened a Medicine Wheel as a healing container for my sessions today. But as the day went on, no new teachings, insights, or places for me to go deeper, arose to reinforce that idea of focusing on the spirits of space.


As the day wore on, I thought, “Maybe because I’ve been a practitioner all day, that means I’m constantly tuned in, so that’s not a thing today.” That didn’t ring true either.


I started to vent some built-up pressure (albeit entirely self-imposed and optional) that I wouldn’t have anything today. And then the meta teaching hit me. AHA! The teaching is about looking for it at all.

There’s a poster that hangs in this office with the quote “Nature needs no help, just no interference.”

When I first saw that poster a year and a half ago, I nodded in agreement. But lately, that quote has rubbed me the wrong way. “Don’t interfere with nature?!? We ARE nature!” That’s like telling us not to interfere with atoms.

But just now a third layer of meaning arose for me on that. Why am I looking for a teaching? Be the teaching. The teaching is to be. This idea of being a nature spirit is not something to become. It is to recognize that I already am that. I am nature. This process I’m undergoing is nature. Quit trying to force it, Dave, and let it be.

My brain wants to have all the answers to the question, “But how?” The answers to “how” are actions. Instead, it’s not an action, it’s a mentality.

And that, truly, is what this process is about, and what I wish to help others embody too.

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