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Day 3: The Sun

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Today's message when sitting with my altar: "Keep going."

Standing outside this morning as I let my dog out into the back yard to do her morning business, I said Good Morning to the Sun. At first I actually said, “Welcome,” but quickly thought that was an arrogant thing to say. I’m welcoming a being that’s billions of years old? Welcoming Him to what? My small shallow world?

So I backtracked and thanked the Sun for its light, for lighting the way even when it’s the middle of winter.

I was instantly hit with a teaching - perhaps better stated as a sense of awe - when I looked around the backyard, and the woods beyond, and realized just how much the Sun does for us every day. Even when it’s cloudy. I’ve stood in the same place on my back deck in the middle of the night and it’s near impossible to see anything, certainly with any detail. But the Sun makes it all possible. Without Him, we would not be able to see anything. Any. Thing.

Even on cloudy, rainy days, the Sun illuminates our entire landscape, even things which are not directly in its path - anything in the shade.

What a powerful and different perspective I immediately have of just how much that single being does for all of life on this planet.

I was fortunate to catch the sunset as I was coming home from work. I drove past my house to an area that provides a view of a beautiful vista. I offered a prayer of gratitude to the Sun. In a season that is so often marked by shades of grey, from the dark nights to pale depressing of the day, it was wonderful to see the Sun today. I thanked the Sun for offering that break in the constant winter greyness for millions of people who might otherwise be stuck in a seasonal depression.

A comfort and warmth washed over my chest with a sense of completion of the day’s primary cycle.

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