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What Is Holistic Acupuncture?

I have been frequently asked recently to explain what I do, and how my approach is different from other acupuncturists.

Most acupuncturists will ask a wide variety of questions about your physical health when you come in for a session. These questions may appear to have nothing to do with why you're there. For instance, if you come in with migraines, you will still be asked about your digestion and sleep patterns. We are trained to consider all aspects of a person's physical health when determining how best to treat them.

I do that as well, but I take it a few steps further.

When you come in to see me for a session, I begin by asking about how you grew up, your family, friends, relationships, work, what you do for fun, and more before we even get to what has brought you in the door. I look to see why you're having migraines, or anxiety, or shoulder pain, from the context of your entire life.

We are integrated beings, where our relationships and how we approach our jobs and how we interact with our families plays as much as role on our physical health as does what we eat and how we sleep.

This is at the heart of how I work. Given that our health is dependent on these lifestyle factors, in our sessions we will often talk about how to adjust those things to lead you to a healthier, happier, more peaceful life.

I choose the acupuncture points which will best support you in healing old wounds, letting go of old beliefs, and opening to these new perspectives. Just as in shamanism, all things in life are interconnected, I see all things in *your* life as interconnected, and work to help you restore balance in your body and your life.

Sometimes that means we will do shamanic healing, sometimes it means we will spend time in the Akashic Records, other times we will talk for the entire hour. I have a wide array of healing tools at my disposal, and I find the flexibility to use the right one for what you need on any particular day.

In the end, I approach your life and treat you from as broad a perspective as possible, including the really big questions of "who are you" and "why are you here." From this angle, we will find the right lens to understand why you're experiencing the discomfort you are, and unlock the path to new patterns and a new life.

Curious about exploring this for yourself? Reach out today!

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