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Four guided meditations are included in this pack:

1) Mindfulness meditation (21:43)

This meditation will help you calm, center, broaden your awareness, strengthen your mindfulness, and connect more deeply with your most core self.


2) Chakra Connection and Clearing (22:06)

Connect with and enliven the seven major chakras which sit on and in your physical body with this meditation.


3) Meet a Spirit Guide (17:01)

Meet a member of your Divine Support Team, a loving being who has your back and helps you navigate through your life. Learn about them, how they work with and for you, and what advice they have for you at this time.


4) Pulling Out Past Pain (25:01)

We all store unprocessed energy from past events - not just the major ones which may dominate our attention, but the little nits and emotional scrapes we gather along the way. This meditation helps you release and transform that unpleasant energy, and embrace yourself lighter, freer, and revitalized.


In addition, this pack includes a document outlining in greater detail each of the meditations, and some guidelines on how to get the most out of them.

Guided Meditation Four-Pack

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