Healing Sessions

Individual sessions (whether in-person or remote) combine personalized coaching with one or more forms of energy work.

The personalized coaching helps you come to a place of greater awareness of what is happening for you. I will offer perspectives, insights, and tips for you to connect the seemingly random dots in your life. From here it becomes natural for you to embrace your personal power.

The optional energy work reinforces the coaching. It connects you to the deeper dimensions of who you are and sets the stage for you to establish new ways of being.

Regardless of the specific issue you are dealing with, we will tend to all aspects of who you are: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 


Service Name

Acupuncture powerfully treats the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being along with the physical, and provides support for any disharmony in your system. It truly is full-person medicine.


Service Name

Reclaim​ your lost soul fragments, connect with your power animals and guides, and receive deep healing for your soul with healing methods from the world's native cultures.

Examples of Whole-Person Healing

  • A 21-year old woman with disturbed sleep patterns and suddenly more painful periods stemming from anger at her mom for violating her personal boundaries. We helped her express her anger, get to the heart of her sense of betrayal underneath, and make healthy adjustments to her relationship with her mom. As a result, her pain lessened and she returned to sleeping soundly.

  • Helping a 32-year old woman see how her intense social anxiety and migraine headaches were a result of not fully processing her childhood trauma. Through a combination of coaching, acupuncture, and shamanic healing, we helped her not only feel better, but end the cycle of abuse that had been passed down through the generations, so it was not transferred to her children.

  • A 45-year old woman wished to leave the corporate world and go into business for herself. She felt the pressure of being the breadwinner for her family. The fear of leaving her job, as much as she did not like it, ended up showing up as intense hip pain. Simply acknowledging what she was struggling with helped ease her pain and opened the door for her to begin her own practice as a health coach.

"Not only is my shoulder pain completely gone, but Dave's guidance and wisdom have helped me through many of life's challenges. If you are looking for a healer and are ready to get in touch with where the real pain is coming from, then I cannot recommend enough that you book an appointment to see Dave immediately!" - L.B.