Shamanic Healing

As mankind's oldest spirituality and medicine, shamanic healing addresses the deep spiritual nature of illness and discomfort.

Shamanic healing tools are designed to help you reclaim your full personal power. These techniques help you regain pieces of your energy lost to trauma, clear out energy that is not yours out of your system, and connect you with your Power Animals for ongoing support and guidance.

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The shamanic perspective maintains that everything is viewed in terms of relationships. We are always in relationship, and walking the world in a healthy way is considered to walk the way of "right relationship." Shamanism is about finding harmony and balance in all relationships in your life - both internal and external.

Embracing shamanism as a part of your healing path means connecting with all aspects of who you are and what is happening in your life, and relating to them in a healthy, balanced, respectful way.

The shamanic healing tools include:

Healing Shamanic Journeys, where I will communicate with different spirits to gain insight and information on a topic in your life where you feel things are unclear or aren't moving in the way you want.


Power Animal Retrievals, where we will find and return a helping spirit to your divine support team, which will support you in embodying a significant energy of humanhood, such as creativity, personal empowerment, self-expression, or something equally powerful.

Soul Retrievals, where we will find, heal, and return a part of your soul that's stuck in trauma in an old experience (whether in this lifetime or another) back to you.

Shamanic Extractions, where energies of beliefs, traumas, and triggers that reside in you can be cleared out, freeing you to be more fully you.