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Shamanic Journey Practice Group

Next Date: TBD, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

$25 per person

This class begins with a brief introduction to shamanism, including:

  • The perspective of interconnectedness

  • Everything has a spirit

  • Guides, specifically Power Animals

  • How to journey

Then we will proceed to journey three times as a group


The first journey will be to meet and learn from your Power Animal. If you don't know who that is, this is your chance to meet it!​

The intention of the second journey will be shared by everyone in the group. Past shared journeys have included:

  • Journeying to the energy of Waterfall and asking for a teaching

  • Asking your Power Animal how to maintain balance in times of tumult and change

  • Journeying to the energy of the Winter Solstice

The third journey of the night is a free-form journey. You can explore whatever you would like to in the shamanic world!


What to bring:

  • Something to cover your eyes​

  • A notebook and a pen to record your journeys

  • An open mind and heart!

Questions? Email me at!

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