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Soul Alignment Series

This three-session package is for those who are ready to make significant steps forward in their personal journey.

Utilizing the wisdom of the Akashic Records and the power of shamanic healing, we will catalyze deep change in your life.

Get aligned with where your soul wants you to be!


If you are in a space where you have been working on an issue for a while, but can't seem to get a foothold in the new in a grounded, practical way, this package of sessions will give you the boost to support that change.

Session One: Receive an hour long Akashic Records Reading to uncover your soul's agenda

The first session is a reading of your Akashic Records. This reading will provide a foundational and contextual understanding for what you're looking to move through. The Records will offer perspective on the deeper why's of what you are facing and ideas on what you can do to begin to shift things in a healthier, more authentic and soulful direction.

Session Two: Receive a Shamanic Journey and associated healing to assist your soul along its journey

Once you have that information and take some initial empowered steps towards change, the second session will incorporate the appropriate shamanic healing technique to help orient your energy in that new direction. Whether it is retrieving a part of your energy lost in past trauma, or clearing others' energy out of your system, or other forms of spiritual healing, we will get your energy in alignment with the healthiest path forward.

Session Three: In-depth coaching to integrate the first two sessions and create a blueprint for moving forward

The third session of the package will serve as a support to you integrating the wisdom and healing of the Akashic and shamanic. We will speak on practical tools and techniques to reinforce, as well as address any issues that inhibit, the full embodiment of the new.

These sessions can be done in-person, over Zoom, or a combination. If you have questions to see if this is the right fit for you, email or call (978) 503-1048.

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