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Walking the Shamanic Path
Level 1: You Are A Nature Spirit

Walking the Shamanic Path is a 12-week program to help you reconnect with your most natural self, the spiritual dimension of nature, and give you the perspectives, tools, and practices to live your life enriched by the natural world.

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Walk the rest of your life armed with the perspective and power of Shamanism!

Shamanism is mankind's oldest spirituality and medicine, firmly rooted in the principles that everything is indelibly connected and Spirit can be seen and related to in all things everywhere. Shamanism provides the tools and framework to work with Spirit (and spirits) for ​the betterment of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Our modern-day culture has promoted the opposite principles - those of separation and materialism. As wise and as intelligent as we have become and with all the things we have accomplished, we have been conditioned out of our deepest sense of connection with each other and the planet. Shamanism offers a pathway back to a sense of belonging, of healthy relationship, of grounded spirituality.

Walking the Shamanic Path will introduce and reinforce these most basic spiritual understandings, and offer you experience applying them to your life. We will cover a wide array of shamanic practices and techniques, but the underlying theme of the program will reinforce the teachings of being interconnected with all beings everywhere. 


Level 1 will cover a wide base of​ understanding of shamanic principles and techniques for applying those principles and tools to enhance your day-to-day life. In addition to shamanic journeying, you will also be introduced to techniques allowing you to directly communicate with spirits in ordinary waking life, including Divination, working with the Elements, opening a Medicine Wheel, and merging with spirits.

This training has the potential to transform your life to one of deep connection, honoring, and partnership with the natural and spiritual world.

Level 2, coming in autumn 2023, will focus on shamanic healing techniques.

Praise from Past Students

"My awareness and appreciation for the spirit in everything really came from this class. I’m also much more present in my daily life as a result of having taken this class."

"Having taken this class, I feel more connected to myself and connected to all around me, and I am more intentional with respect to my actions." -KB

"Understanding the fact that we are beings in a bigger context of the universe… makes my problems somehow held in some type of container that’s bigger than me."

Class Outline and Schedule

Class will run Tuesday evenings beginning May 16 (with two classes on Thursday: July 6 and July 13). We will begin at 6:30pm Eastern each night, and will be together 2 - 2.5 hours, with short breaks taken each class.


This is an online class held over Zoom. Anyone anywhere can join in!

If you are unable to attend a specific date, the class will be recorded and sent to you, so you will not miss a beat.

Class 1

May 16

Foundations of Interconnection

Get grounded in the principles underlying the shamanic perspective. Everything has a spirit, and our lives are about relationship. You will begin the process of shifting from a space of a separate "I" to a space of interconnected "we."

Class 2

May 23

The Shamanic Landscape

Discover the power of the Elements, and how their interplay influences life on all levels. Also gain understanding of the Directions, how to open a Medicine Wheel, and create sacred space in your life.

Class 3

May 30

Everyday Connection

Learn how to tune in everyday, how to make every action a soulful one, and live every day rooted in being a nature spirit. Without any special skills or magic, this class will go from the macro to the micro and you will learn how to more deeply incorporate the Nature Spirit way into your life.

Class 4

June 6


Nature speaks to those who listen. After learning how to show up as a nature spirit, this class will show you how to receive wisdom and teachings from Nature. She is always talking to you, and this class will show you how to hear what she's saying.

Class 5

June 13

Power Animals and Shamanic Journeying

Learn how to step into Non-Ordinary Reality. Connect with your Power Animal and then discover the spiritual dimension of life through journeying.

Class 6

June 20

The Upper and Lower Worlds

Discover the wisdom held in the Lower and Upper Worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality. Meet your Upper World Teacher, another member of your Divine Support team, and learn how you can access these vast worlds of wisdom,  information, and healing for your highest good.

Class 7

June 27

The Power of Journeying

Shamanic journeying is a powerful tool to explore all different dimensions of self and of life. This week we'll explore many of those ways, so you can see how to bring this tool of empowerment into your day-to-day life.

Class 8


July 6

The Middle World

The spiritual dimension to our everyday life holds vast information and potential for healing. Connect in Non-Ordinary Reality with the spirits of nature, opening doorways to walking each and every day with greater mindfulness and spiritual clarity.

Class 9


July 13

Working with Weather and Time

The spirits of Weather are powerful ones to understand and connect with. Understanding the how's and why's to their work can profoundly change your relationship to each and every day. You will also learn how to travel with time

Class 10

July 18

The Ancestors, Part 1

"Your life is the result of the love of thousands." Understanding your life in the context of all those who have walked before you, and all those yet to come, adds another powerful level of understanding and appreciation for your life.

Class 11

July 25

The Ancestors, Part 2

Building on Class 10, you will go even further into understanding your life in the context of the great chain of all of life.

Class 12

August 1


Ceremony, Shamanic Manifestation

Ceremony is intentional action designed to honorably work with the spirits to change the direction of your life. Learn how to work with the cycles of the moon and with the elements to create the life you wish you life.

As part of the program, you will also get 2 half-hour sessions with me one-on-one to go deeper into your experience with the material. These are opportunities for personal feedback and assistance as you explore the world of shamanism and shamanic healing.

Praise from Past Students

"I can't tell you how valuable this class was for me. Dave explains the perspectives common to Shamanism practices around the world clearly and with reverence, but also with cultural sensitivity."


"This is the kind of class you could take several times and get something new out of each time. I highly recommend it, and honestly, I think the world would benefit greatly from more people putting these perspectives into practice."


Registration Is Open

12-week class, with 2 half-hour private sessions


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